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POIEditor 'How To' Articles

How To : Calculate The Distance Between Two Points
Posted on 10/5/2009 12:33 2009

Some quick code to calculate the distance between any two latitude and longitude coordinates using the Haversine formula.
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How To : Add Phone Numbers To TomTom OV2 POIs
Posted on 30/11/2008 10:43 2008

A few people have asked how to add phone numbers to Tomtom POIs with POI Editor. POI phone numbers can be dialled directly by Bluetooth enabled TomToms. There's no phone number field on the POIEditor site but that doesn't mean we can't add telephone numbers really easily.
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How To : Convert Google 'My Maps' KML Placemarks
Posted on 5/10/2008 05:11 2008

Here's a useful little trick when using Google's My Maps
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ImageHow To : Create Your Own Points Of Interest
Posted on 2/7/2008 01:57 2008

New users to the site might want to read this guide on how to create your own Points of Interest from scratch using Creating a POI with POI Editor is fairly straight forward so lets get stuck in and create our own.
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ImageHow To Install POIs On TomTom
Posted on 24/6/2008 07:51 2008

Here's a beginners guide on how to install Points of Interest files directly on to your TomTom Navigator.
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