How To : Convert Google 'My Maps' KML Placemarks

By David in How To. October 5, 2008

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Here's a useful little trick when using Google's My Maps.

Converting KML files usually doesn't cause us any problems, but if you're using Google's 'My Maps' to store your placemarks online, saving this data as KML is mostly useless for us as the actual point data isn't stored locally - there's nothing of use to us in the KML.

To get round this right-click on the "View in Google Earth" link on the map, (it's displayed along the top of the map next to RSS link) and select "Copy Shortcut" if you're using IE, or "Copy Link Location" if using Firefox.

Paste this URL into your browser's address bar.

Find the "output=nl" part in the url string and change it to "output=kml", press enter and the a KML file will be downloaded containing all the placemark data.

We can then use this KML file in POI Editor - just select 'Load POI' and then edit or convert as normal.

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Convert Google Kml Comments

Not Copying Shortcut
right click on the square box next to "view in google earth"
Posted by Brad ThompsonDecember 4, 2010
This is so helpful! I can't tell you how many web sites I hit before this but it was worth all the work to find my solution! Thank You very much!!
Posted by RichFebruary 16, 2010
Tom Tom One
did all this to get kml and os2 files BUT all the POI sets on my tom tom one are .tlv files !!

how do I convert kml to tlv!??
Posted by [email protected]February 15, 2010
No "copy Shortcut"
What is there is not the "Copy Shortcut" option when I right click on the "View in Google Earth" link??
Posted by ShannonAugust 26, 2009
Thanks for the correction. I've reworded it a bit, maybe it's easier to understand now. Basically its just changing a parameter of a url, couldn't be easier.
Not sure about that "Unavailable message", where does that appear?
Posted by DavidMay 29, 2009
No Luv
this is still not working for me, even with the correction above. I simply get a "... is currently unavailable" error.
Posted by KevinMay 29, 2009
Small Correction
In the instructions "Remove the "output=nl" to "output=kml"" should read "Change the "output=nl" to "output=kml". It makes a big difference.
Posted by Andrew PaveyMay 13, 2009
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