Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, problem or have found a bug, please don't hesitate to get in touch

What file formats does POI Editor support? It will currently load and save the following Points of Interest formats :

TomTom binary OV2
Google Earth's KML
CSV, suitable for Navman, Garmin and Navigon and others
MioMap's CSV
Nokia's LMX format
TomTom Itinerary ITN
iGO 2008 (.upoi) Points of Interest - suitable for Nav N Go iGO 8 software

If you have a POI not on the list let us know and we'll attempt to add it to the site.

Do I need to register? No. You don't need to register to create, load, edit, download POIs to your PC or transfer POIs to your GPS device.

As well as downloading to your PC we also allow users to save POIs on the site. There are two options on the save menu: 'Download' and 'Save in My POIs'. Saving in 'My POIs' lets you manage POIs online before finally downloading and does require you to register.

Most people that want to just download their POI should ignore the 'Save in My POIs' option, registration and all that malarkey and just click 'download' instead.

Can you add my GPS device's POI file format? Yes, we'll add new formats when we find them. If you've got one that isn't on the site, please send it to us.

How do I download? To download the POI you've created or edited just click 'Save POI File', select your file format and click 'Download POI'. If you're looking to download the application. You can't, sorry. It's a web app!

Is it free? Yes but please consider making a donation (click the PayPal button at the top of the page) any money will help pay for the site's running costs.

TomTom displays coordinates as DDD° MM' SS" but your site lists them as DDD.DDDDD, Why the different numbers? / Your site is sending me to the wrong place. etc. POI Editor lists the coordinates in decimal format so they will look different to the degrees / minutes / seconds that might be displayed on a GPS device. It's just a different format though, they'll both point to the same location.

The site will accept either deg / min / sec or decimal when entering coordinates manually.

If you're interested in converting between formats take a look here or here

How do I convert a POI from one format to another? Just click 'Load POI', browse for the file via your PC and click load. After a couple of seconds or so you should see a list of all the points. Now click 'Save POI File', enter a filename, select the new file format from the drop down list and click 'Download POI'. Alternatively you can use the POI conversion pages here.

Your site doesn't accept my DDD° MMM.MMM format That used to be the case, it now accepts decimal deg/min/sec coordinates.

It will work with :

Degrees Minutes Seconds : DDD° MM' SS"    /    N 53° 49' 31.8"    W 1° 37' 09.9"

Decimal Minutes : DDD° MM.MMM'    /   N 53° 49.53'   W 1° 37.1646'

Decimal : DDD.DDDDD°    /    53.8255, -1.61941

Remember to enter the decimal coordinates into the correct boxes. Eg. Entering 53 49.53 (DDD MMM.MMM), would require entering 53 into the degrees box, 49.53 into the minutes and nothing in the seconds.

Does it work with UTM coordinates? No, you'll have to convert them into lat/long. This site will convert UTM

Can you add a similar service to my website? Yes, if you pay me. I've written POI utilities for a few different sites. Contact me and let me know what you want.

Huh? Ok, so where do I download POIEditor? You DON'T! It's a web app.

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