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  • Update! We're going HTTPS, head over to the secure version. Spot any bugs? Let me know. Thanks!

  • Big thanks to everyone that donated towards the hosting bill last month. Helped a lot and was much appreciated. Thanks again!

  • I offer this site's services for free but it's used a lot of bandwidth, I urgently need $30 to keep this site up. Normally I'd just pay any extra hosting fees myself but it's been an expensive month and I'm broke!
    Please consider donating a dollar using paypal link in the top corner. You don't need a paypal account to donate, the link will take credit cards. Thanks.

  • News of POI Editor being featured in Personal Computer World

  • TomTom recommend - TomTom are featuring this site in their 'create a POI manual', here

  • iGO 8 POI Support added - 05/12/08

    These are iGO 2008 (.upoi) Points of Interest - suitable for Nav N Go iGO 8 software on a range of Windows Mobile PDAs and Smarthpones.

  • Site redesign - 19/11/08

    Added obligatory rounded corners, long over due. Let me know if anything's broken -- IE8 beta still requires compatibility mode enabled RC1 seems fine.

  • How To : Convert Google 'My Maps' KML Placemarks - 04/10/08

    Here's a nice trick to download Google 'My Maps' places as proper KML files that we can use in POI Editor.

  • Geocache Heatmap generator - 24/09/08

    A quick rewrite of the geocache heatmap side project. Speeded up gpx parsing, it should handle bigger files now. A big change is that it requires user registration, added just to help manage all the generated jpgs.

  • POI Convert Tools - 11/08/08

    Added some dedicated POI file conversion pages as an alternative to using the standard POI Editor page. Converting Points of Interest should now be even easier. Check it out here.

  • Added support for TomTom's .itn Itinerary file format - 31/7/08

    This is a simple ascii format. The file spec looks like :

    decimal longitude mutlipled by 100000|decimal latitude multiplied by 100000|Nice Name|Flag|


    -153896|5380215|My House|1|

    The flag field is mostly ignored by POI Editor (especially when loading itns) but you can manually edit it in a text editor if you really want to. The itinerary flag field consists of :

    0 : None
    1 : Itinerary location is enabled
    2 : Itinerary location is a stop-over (as opposed to a pass-by location)
    4 : Itinerary location is departure point (Should only be set for the first item in the itinerary file)

    The flags can be combined, 5 would be 1+4 -- an enabled, departure point. 3, 2+1 -- an enabled stop-over. etc.

  • Now works properly with non-english accented characters - 22/7/08

  • Fixed some minor bugs and added Nokia's Landmark Exchange (.lmx) POI file format (XML version). LMX is currently used in Nokia 6275i, 6110 Navigator, 6210 Navigator, E71, E90 Communicator, N95, N82, N96 and possibly others, who knows?

  • A quickie guide for any new visitors to the site, How to create your own POIs

  • Here's a guide for the absolute beginner on how to install Points of Interest files on a TomTom :

  • 25/6/08 - Fixed some KML bugs. KML saves didn't seem to load in google earth, they do now. And loading various rich media KML was a bit of a mess, it's now less of a mess.

  • Geocoding should now be fixed and working. Full addresses should work too not just zip / postcode.

  • Postcode/zip lookup (geocoding) is currently broken. New postcode lookup added soon. fixed, see above.

  • Calling all UK Geocachers! Create your own 'finds heat map' with this funky new tool

  • We've Moved! Hopefully to a better host. Also fixed a couple of bugs. Let me know if you find any problems.

  • 13/4/08 - More server problems... service back to normal soon

  • Rejigged some html, let me know if you suspect any buggy side effects (March 08).

  • Suffering server problems. Hopefully back to normal soon.

  • Paging added to points list - displaying extremely large lists shouldn't slow the browser now

  • 06/06/07 - Postcode look up currently down It's back!

  • Tweaked slightly to extend support for decimal coordinate inputs (eg. DDD MM.MMM', DDD MM' SS.SSS")

  • Now supports geocoding! (Look up coords from postcodes/towns)

  • Added support for GPX files.

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